We are the EXCLUSIVE dealer in Western Montana for Heritage Homes. We are the premier Cadillac builder of conventionally built custom and multifamily homes.

Our homes are built in a controlled environment resulting in SUPERIOR quality and then placed on a permanent foundation, EXACTLY and competitively priced, with delivery date pinpointed. 2x6 conventional construction, conventional mortgages and HVAC annual operating cost GUARANTEED!

Experts in their individual trade building your home, screwed and glued assembly, to create a lighter, better insulated and stronger home, complete with a State inspection. Average build time of ONLY 6 weeks from the time the first nail flies with ABSOLUTELY no weather delays and materials remain dry at all times.

We will help you transition your raw land listings from "For Sale" to "Sold!"

We represent the Better, Faster and Smarter way to build!

Phone: 406-223-3442

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