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Thursday, April 04, 2019
There are three major advantages to the modular building system at Heritage Homes. First, it simplifies the construction process, usually taking substantially less time to complete. Second, is the quality of construction. More than just good craftsmanship, it includes exceptional engineering design and specific material selections. Third, is value! Our System Built Homes value for the same as a stick built home. We are confident that you will get more house for your money. Our home building process has been proven to be a more efficient building system.
Thursday, April 04, 2019
Planning a major investment in a new home required that you carefully consider four critical factors: Design, Construction Standards, Energy Efficiency and Value. Our modular homes rank the highest in each category according to thousands of satisfied customers all over the country.
Thursday, April 04, 2019
These are the superior home construction specifications you can expect in every Heritage Home. Certain features you choose may change or improve these minimums. We set high standards when selecting the materials and products used in every home.
1. Establish How Much You Want to Invest
Custom home building means designing a home that fits your dreams and your budget. The first step is to what you are capable of investing. You need to discuss this with your lender or your Heritage Home Builder. You and your Builder will then have a budget to design around, rather than make a design come within your budget.
home building steps - heritage homes   2. Create a General Concept or Sketch
With your Heritage Builder, you can determine which home style and size is best for you. Using scale drawings you can mark up and price out a design that is just right with the right size and features. Being able to price out a home and the many different features quickly and easily is one of the big benefits of the Heritage Building System.
home building steps - heritage homes   3. Finalize the Plans and Price
Once the design, features, and cost are decided upon, you are ready to order the plans. Heritage will draw preliminary plans per your builder’s order. You will then have plans for the bank and to review and to mark up with final details and/or changes.

home building steps - heritage homes   4. Architectural Plans
We take your proposed final plan and your revisions as submitted and draw a full set of Architectural Plans and recommended foundation plans for building purposes. Fees for architectural blueprints are included in the purchase price of your Heritage Home.
home building steps - heritage homes   5. Construction Loan & Permanent Financing
With your purchase agreement and plans, your home lender can order an appraisal and begin processing your loan if needed. Once the loan commitment is received, construction financing will be finalized and a loan closing will be scheduled. If you do not already own your land, your lot will be purchased from the loan proceeds.
Heritage Homes- Home building steps   6. Construction
Before construction begins and sometimes even before the loan is closed, you will complete the final construction details, make any changes to the plans and finalize your color selection schedule. With the loan closed and the building permit in hand, your Heritage Builder will contract for the foundation work and place the order for the Heritage Home. After receipt of all the order details at Heritage Homes, your home is scheduled for construction. Materials are ordered and it is generally about four to five weeks before fabrication begins and another three weeks before the modular sections are transported to your home building site and installed on the foundation. Your Heritage Home Builder is in charge of this schedule and can give you approximate delivery dates. During this time, he will have the foundation built, and will be getting underground utilities in and electrical service to the job site. Your home will be built in two or more modular sections in a matter of weeks. You are welcome to visit your home in the factory anytime.
Home building steps - heritage homes   7. Home Arrival
Several key factors, including weather and site readiness, affect delivery of your home. Delivery is generally scheduled as soon as possible after the home is completed or when your site is ready. Your Builder will keep you informed of the schedule. Payment to your Builder is required at delivery, prior to setting the house on the foundation or within 7 days of completion at the factory should delivery be delayed due to site completion or weather issues. Once the home is delivered, your Builder will coordinate the installation of your home on the foundation with the help of a crane or a professional set crew.

8. The Finishing Stage
Everything happens very quickly up to this stage, and now the garage needs to be built, the site and basement utilities completed, the heating system installed and the concrete and yard work done. The interior finish between the modular sections, such as carpet seams, center wall doors and jambs, drywall and paint touch up, will be completed at this time. When the home is nearing completion, it is time to do a walk-through and closing with your Heritage Builder. A detailed punch list of any incomplete items that need attention will be agreed upon and final payment will be made before moving in. Your Heritage Builder will provide you with complete details of your new home warranty. The rest is up to you to enjoy!

Testimonial #1

I had the pleasure of working alongside Mitch Heuer during my extensive remodel. His knowledge, craftsmanship, professionalism and eye for detail were beyond my highest expectations. He is hardworking, honest, reliable and I feel so blessed every day I look around my home that he was in charge and working on my job! Sincerely, Jamie Harberts

Testimonial #2

Mitch Heuer is an excellent contractor. He has done several projects for me and I have been pleased every time. He is very knowledgeable and detail oriented. Mitch is highly creative and frequently had ideas of how we could make things better. He has always gotten the job done efficiently and timely. He is fair in his pricing which is comforting and rare. He has a friendly personality and disposition. I am admittedly a bit picky and he exceeded my expectations. He definitely goes above and beyond. In my opinion, Mitch is the best of the best! Some of the projects that he did for me include the following: Construction work to build walls for an enclosure for my washer and dryer, knocked down walls to an existing closet and then created a bigger space and area for clothes and laundry, changed an existing door into a pocket door for better functionality, tore down a large header to open up a bathroom space and create one large opening, installed tile flooring for a room and upstairs hallway, and installed molding and baseboards. I highly recommend Mitch for any and all construction needs.  I will be happy to speak to anyone personally about his work ethic and my experience. Feel free to call or email me. With best regards, Teresa Hymowitz Teresa@aeng.com 720-707-9040