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Thursday, April 04, 2019
There are three major advantages to the modular building system at Heritage Homes. First, it simplifies the construction process, usually taking substantially less time to complete. Second, is the quality of construction. More than just good craftsmanship, it includes exceptional engineering design and specific material selections. Third, is value! Our System Built Homes value for the same as a stick built home. We are confident that you will get more house for your money. Our home building process has been proven to be a more efficient building system.
Thursday, April 04, 2019
Planning a major investment in a new home required that you carefully consider four critical factors: Design, Construction Standards, Energy Efficiency and Value. Our modular homes rank the highest in each category according to thousands of satisfied customers all over the country.
Thursday, April 04, 2019
These are the superior home construction specifications you can expect in every Heritage Home. Certain features you choose may change or improve these minimums. We set high standards when selecting the materials and products used in every home.

System Built Modular Homes

System Built Modular Homes define the system of building a conventional home in modular sections under state certification for a specific builder and their customer and site. System Built Modular homes are built to the I.R.C. (International Residential Code) specifications to comply with state and municipal building codes for residential construction.

This system of home building guarantees the maximum efficiency and highest quality construction to deliver exceptional value to the builder. Henry Ford didn’t build Model T’s in his customers’ driveways because it would have been too costly and inefficient. Instead, he built them in an assembly process with the right tools and where everyone knew their job and knew it well.

The Heritage Home system incorporates hundreds of improved construction techniques over the conventional site-built home. Precision details are engineered into our construction system. By using the latest in building technology, you can be assured that every detail of the home construction process is scrutinized.


Conventionally Built Homes

Conventionally Built Homes are referred to as site-built or stick-built because they are built one board at a time on the job site. For certain really large or complex designs that is, unfortunately, still the only way to build. ANd it costs a lot because the system is to build one job at a time, wait for the subcontractors, try to supervise every worker, every day, try to purchase as best as one job allows, and then work around weather. It’s not the stick-builder’s fault that it costs more and takes longer. It’s the inefficient building system.

Generally, stick-built homes are more expensive, not because of what you get, but because of the inefficiencies of the building process!


Mobile (Manufactured) Homes

Mobile Homes are a popular way for many Americans to afford their own home but they really are quite different from both modular and site-built homes. Out of structural necessity, mobile homes are built on a steel frame and are built to lower standards and building codes than modular homes or site-built homes. For those reasons, they are less costly.

Many manufactured or mobile home refer to themselves as “modular” because they are built in multiple pieces (modules). However, by industry standards, they fall far below the codes and construction standards required to be classified as a true SYSTEM BUILT MODULAR HOME.

Testimonial #1

I had the pleasure of working alongside Mitch Heuer during my extensive remodel. His knowledge, craftsmanship, professionalism and eye for detail were beyond my highest expectations. He is hardworking, honest, reliable and I feel so blessed every day I look around my home that he was in charge and working on my job! Sincerely, Jamie Harberts

Testimonial #2

Mitch Heuer is an excellent contractor. He has done several projects for me and I have been pleased every time. He is very knowledgeable and detail oriented. Mitch is highly creative and frequently had ideas of how we could make things better. He has always gotten the job done efficiently and timely. He is fair in his pricing which is comforting and rare. He has a friendly personality and disposition. I am admittedly a bit picky and he exceeded my expectations. He definitely goes above and beyond. In my opinion, Mitch is the best of the best! Some of the projects that he did for me include the following: Construction work to build walls for an enclosure for my washer and dryer, knocked down walls to an existing closet and then created a bigger space and area for clothes and laundry, changed an existing door into a pocket door for better functionality, tore down a large header to open up a bathroom space and create one large opening, installed tile flooring for a room and upstairs hallway, and installed molding and baseboards. I highly recommend Mitch for any and all construction needs.  I will be happy to speak to anyone personally about his work ethic and my experience. Feel free to call or email me. With best regards, Teresa Hymowitz Teresa@aeng.com 720-707-9040